WordPress Malware Removal Saved Fresh Proxy

RemoveMalware.net is a premier malware removal service that saved our website. Unfortunately, we contacted malware on our WordPress website. The hosting company that we use was no help. They gave us a cookie cutter list of a do-it-yourself fix. Since our staff is not familiar with the WordPress platform, that idea was not an option for us. Then the hosting company wanted to pass us off to their partner service to fix the site which would give them a hefty commission. The problem with that option was a monthly payment of over $100.00 for the life of the site.

Fortunately, I found RemoveMalware.net and was thrilled with the customer service. The owner answered all my questions. He was readily available each time I called. The most important fact was that my website was cleaned and back online with 48 hours for the one time fee of $99.99. This company guaranteed the work with a bonus of hardening my website against future attacks free of charge.

Our website was out of commission for a couple of days. It was such a relief to know that we did not experience a significant loss of income from being offline for a significant amount of time. If your WordPress website has malware, call to have your site fixed and back online quickly and efficiently.  If your website gets hacked we recommend using WordPress malware removal with RemoveMalware.net.